What Is an Assignable Contract in Real Estate

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Real estate transactions can be complicated, and one concept that often arises is the idea of an assignable contract. In simple terms, an assignable contract is one where the buyer of a property can assign their rights to purchase the property to someone else. Let`s delve deeper into what this means and how it works in the world of real estate.

What is an assignable contract?

An assignable contract is a type of purchase and sale agreement where the buyer has the right to assign their interest in the property to another party. This means that instead of the original buyer completing the transaction, someone else steps in and takes over the contract. The new party essentially steps into the buyer`s shoes and takes on all the obligations and benefits of the original contract.

Why would someone use an assignable contract?

There are a variety of reasons why someone might use an assignable contract in a real estate transaction. One common scenario is when a buyer wishes to purchase a property with the intent of flipping it for a profit. By including an assignability clause in the contract, the buyer can sell their interest in the property to another investor who can complete the transaction and carry out the flipping process.

Another scenario is when a wholesaler is involved in the deal. Wholesalers buy properties with the intent of immediately reselling them to another buyer for a profit. In this case, the assignable contract allows the wholesaler to sell the contract to another buyer before they even close on the property themselves.

How does the assignment process work?

If a buyer decides to assign their contract to another party, they must typically provide written notice to the seller. This notice should describe the terms of the assignment and the new buyer`s contact information. The new buyer will typically need to sign an assignment agreement stating that they agree to take over the original buyer`s obligations under the contract.

In some cases, the seller may need to approve the assignment before it can go through. This may be the case if the original contract contains specific provisions regarding assignments. The parties involved should always carefully review the contract and any applicable laws and regulations to ensure they are following proper procedures.


Assignable contracts can be a useful tool for real estate buyers and investors, but they do require careful consideration and planning. If you are interested in using an assignable contract in a property purchase, it`s essential to seek the advice of a qualified real estate attorney or professional who can guide you through the process and ensure that you are adhering to all applicable laws and regulations.